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Introducing the CineMini - Improve your old TVs with a new state of the art movie projector that is a compact and portable device designed for entertainment on the go. Known for its small size and lightweight build, it easily fits in your hand and is ideal for movie nights, presentations, or gaming. Despite its compact form, it delivers impressive image quality, supporting various media sources. With features like built-in speakers and multiple connectivity options, the CineMini offers a convenient and immersive cinematic experience wherever you are.

👉 Rotatable 180 Degrees

👉 Compact Design

👉HD and 4K


Connect the power adapter to the CineMini projector and plug it into a power source with the AC POWER CORD.


Once Connected to a network, you have the power of android ready to make your experience a whole lot better, you can stream from Netflix, YouTube, YouTube TV, Prime Video, and more of your favorites!


Plug in your desired gaming/entertainment consoles like PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and Roku via the HDMI cord for the ultimate gaming experience.


Get crystal clear view of your entertainment with the adjustable focus wheel with a sliding turn making you experience the best possible way.